Marketing Opportunity

KSR is offering  you an avenue for the marketing and advertising of your product through the untapped arena of an all-female rider snowmobile racing team. The team consists of three girls whom have inherited the love of snowcross racing.  When the oldest of the three, Brooklyn, was of the age to start riding she quickly found the love for the sport.  Within a few months of getting her first snowmobile she attended her first race.  Her younger sisters, Dakota and Zoe, were quick to follow and at the earliest possible event they began racing snowmobiles.  In fact, Zoe started at the age of 4, making her the youngest racer at the Canadian Snow Cross Association (CSRA) events the year she started. Please see  Racer Profiles  for past achievements  and 2017/18 race plans. KSR has big ambitions for the upcoming  race season, including;

*Attend the complete race schedule of the 2017/18 season (approximately 8-10 race weekends).

*Continue the winning tradition from the past season with a goal of top 3 overall class finishes.

*Promote the sponsoring company and products to generate more business and sales for the sponsor.

Traditionally snowcross is a male dominated sport, therefore, an all-female race team draws a lot of attention on and off the track. This exposure can be a prime opportunity to market your company. KSR is the only team of 3 sisters racing in the CSRA. This past season the team won its 2nd Transition Girls Championship along with 3rd in Transition Girls and  5th in 120 Stock 2, in doing so we had podium finishes at all events, including a few 1st place finishes. This outstanding record as a family has fostered a new goal of top 3 finish in classes entered.  To achieve this, it is our objective to race in all scheduled races which take place across Ontario and Quebec (typically 8-10 race weekends).  Securing your sponsorship for the 2017/18 CSRA race season will not only help the sisters achieve their goals, but will promote your company across both provinces and possibly nationally with TV coverage.  We recognize the support of potential sponsors is the backbone of any race team.  We are prepared to promote your company by doing the following:

*Applying sponsor’s decals to the race sleds and trailer.  This will provide  unlimited exposure to spectators both on the track and off in the form of a traveling billboard on route to and from the races.

*Embroidering company logo on team jackets and hats.

*You will be broadcasted as a sponsor during the event by the announcer.

*In addition, your company will have a logo and advertising on the team’s web page and Facebook page with links to your company site.

*Recognizing your support during any race interviews, and refer to your sponsorship when interacting with media and race fans.

*Logo on printed marketing material.

*Attend company promotions or events that you may have on non-conflicting dates to promote your event and company.

           (Type, size, and location of above will depend on the sponsorship package chosen)

We are confident you will see the great opportunity this presents to obtain company exposure in an under exposed arena. We are certain you will recognize the benefits available to you by partnering  with “Karkoulas Sisters Racing”.  We look forward to discussing it further with you at your convenience.

Email Us for a marketing information package.