How It Happened

Karkoulas Racing was established in 1997 by Troy Karkoulas. Troy worked his way up the ranks over the seasons  to eventually race the pro classes in 2002 and 2003. With the evolution of life, the future of  Karkoulas Racing was passed onto the Karkoulas girls. The oldest sister Brooklyn was the first to start racing in 2009. Her sister Dakota could not wait to start racing the following year in 2010 when she claimed her place on the starting line.  Zoe sat in the stands and cheered her sisters on until 2014 when at the youngest age possible she began racing as well. The sisters are the steering force of this team with the support of their parents Troy and Rebecca. Rebecca is the  backbone of the team making sure the girls are mentally and physically ready to get on the track and get down to business.  Troy takes care of the technical aspects of the team. With over 20 years of mechanical experience as a technician he ensures the snowmobiles are race ready. In addition, the track experience he gained in his years of racing, has enabled him to share his  knowledge and strategy with his daughters.