Snow Found in Timmins!


Karkoulas Sisters Racing Ventures North to Race

Oakwood, ON (March 6, 2018) – This past weekend, Karkoulas Sisters Racing (KSR) made the 7 hour trek to Timmins, Ontario for rounds 7/8 of the Canadian Snowcross Racing Association (CSRA) championship. The Eclipse Financial Pro Challenge was held under bright sunny skies all weekend long. With Southern Ontario’s lack of the white stuff, it was a refreshing change for the racers to be surrounded by mountains of snow!

Event organizers succeeded in putting on an entertaining event for not only spectators but the racers as well. From a chocolate hunt for the kids to a snowmobile giveaway for the adults, fans never left disappointed. Behind the scenes, the racers were given some extra incentive with “Holeshot Awards” for Sunday finals. Our own Dakota #501 took the award with ease and excitement during the Transition Girls race!

While the team enjoyed what was arguably the best weather they have ever encountered racing in Timmins, the weekend had its share of challenges as well. The track was one of the smallest tracks the girls have been challenged with, leaving little room to pass and maneuver. A tight pivotal left hand corner also seemed to essentially make or break a moto if the kids got pulled wide. Saturday morning’s early cold temperatures combined with a tight track and a tough rhythm section unfortunately saw some injuries for fellow racers delaying racing while medical attention given. KSr racers were remarkable in their ability to not be intimidated by the red flags and racers down and sought to ride smooth and conscientious on a difficult track. KSR extends our wishes for speedy recoveries of all those injured this past weekend.

Dakota #501

Once again Dakota was the first KSR racer to take to the track going 3:3 in her Transition 11-13 and 4th in the final. Transition Girls class Moto 1 had her on her last lap leading from the start when she got pulled wide and an ice block rolled the sled. Dakota was extremely disappointed but unharmed. The sled on the other hand, required some quick touch ups and duct tape for the weekend and a new steering post to be installed! Sunday was a much better day for Dakota. She started the day with impressive moto’s in Transition 11-13, going 2:1 into the final where she achieved 3rd. She continued to charge hard in Transition Girls with a 1st overall for the day.

Zoe #502

Zoe continued to be her same excited self, enjoying all the camaraderie amongst her fellow competitors. She is frequently seen wandering about the pits smiling and playing with the other kids between Motos but very conscientious of the grid sheet, ensuring she doesn’t miss a Moto.

Zoe is the busiest of the KSR racers as she races in 3 classes, but she loves it! She continues to hop on her sled with no reservations and although the ZR200 continues to give her grief off the line, she still loves riding and maneuvering the mid-sized sled. Her highlight of the weekend would be winning her first Moto on the ZR200 on Sunday and 5th in the final. As mentioned, the track was small and tight corners proved to be tricky for Zoe. However, gave her all and finished 8th in Transition 1 on Saturday, 9th Sunday and in the Transition Girls class she achieved 7th Saturday and 8th Sunday.

Brooklyn #500

The weekend was challenging for Brooklyn, who faced some road blocks with a competitive Junior Girls class. Given the short track, the holeshot was crucial and made for a tough start for many racers. On Saturday, Brooklyn took 3rd place points and she was going into Sunday’s second moto more determined than ever to make up some points. Sadly her sled did not cooperate, and a mechanical failure resulted in it being towed off the track.

In the Junior 1 class, she went 5:5 in her Saturday Moto’s and 8th in the final. Sunday saw less racers in the class lining up due to injuries incurred the day before so two Motos were run with Brooklyn placing 9th with a combined score. Although her pride was bruised she is more resolute than ever to get some extra seat time over the March break to be better prepared in the future for this style of track.

KSR would like to extend a huge thanks to Bailey Motorsports who throughout the weekend extended words of encouragement or lightened the pressures of racing through playful banter. Your continued support of young racers is commendable!

Bailey Motorsports

The Bailey Motorsports team unfortunately had their own mechanical failure in the Pro lite division narrowing Isaac St.Onge #117 points lead a bit. We have full confidence he will be out as strong as ever in Kitchener to open that gap back up with his brilliant line choices and exceptional skill.

While the Pro Class had fewer riders lining up they still put on a great show for spectators battling for the checkered. Bailey Motorsports own Taylor McCoy #335 went 5:5 in the finals both days and Ryan Hunt#729 went 6:6. KSR had the opportunity to watch how the riders maneuvered the hard left the girls had difficulties with and from a vantage point at the elevated start it was wonderful for the girls to see how the Pro’s calculated and powered through two very different lines to master the corner.

Yannick Boucher #53 was flawless in his domination of the Snow Bike Class winning all Motos and Finals in the class! Congratulations Yannick.

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