Rockstar Energy National

Well racing season is winding down and tension is high as the race for National points is coming to a close.chicopee01 With only two more races to go, the pressure was on at the Rockstar Energy National Snowcross Championship in Kitchener this past weekend.


Zoe brought out some of her best racing on Saturday with a 1St overall in Stock 1.  She showed just how far she has come this season, keeping tight in a nearly 180’ corner which saw many kids colliding or bailing.  Sunday was met with lots of determination to keep a winning streak but unfortunately Zoe was unable to hold on in the icy track conditions and put her sled sideways.  Not to be discouraged, she quickly jumped up, tipped her own sled back over, hopped on and continued racing making up many lost spots.  Mom and Dad couldn’t have been more proud of her than that moment.  In the end she secured a 6th place finish in Stock 1 on Sunday.

zoechic                            zoechic2                                    photo 2

Dakota showed up at Chicopee with her game face as well.  Every heat and final saw her in the top four and on Sunday with the sun shining and warmer temperatures she shed her jacket and got down to business earning a 2nd place finish in the Stock 2 final.  When handed her trophy at the awards ceremony she fist pumped while chanting “girl power”.

dk chic4thdk chic 2nd

Brooklyn had one of her more challenging weekends in Chicopee.  #500 had consistent 4th place finishes in Novice girls with smooth rides.  Novice 250 class was far more rough for her this weekend with conflict between rider and sled.  In heat 1 in an attempt to make a pass on a jump she unfortunately flew over her handle bars on the landing.  In no time she was back on her sled, tether cord re-attached and off again earning a 3rd place finish.  Perhaps still a little shaken from her bail off, the second heat again saw her in the snow only this time she was unable to get it rolling fast enough finishing 6th.  By the 2nd heat on Sunday with nothing to lose Brooklyn approached the race with a whole new mindset that paid off with a 2nd place finish earning her 3rd overall.



Northern Race Weekends

Well, it has been a busy couple of weekends full of travel for the KSR team, but well worth the drive.

KSR welcomed the month of March in Sudbury, Ontario competing in the Sudbury National Snowcross Championship.  The girls had an exciting weekend on the wide spread track, while Dad had a busy weekend keeping up with repairs of the machines, and tweaking the 120’s


Zoe has really taken to the throttle and was a little too quick in the Stock 1, requiring some tweaking to slow her sled down a little.  Let me tell you- she was not impressed with the throttle blocks and was vocal in her complaints that her sled is “too slow”.  Wow, she has come a long way from cruising at the back of the pack in the first few races.

Dakota had successful heats on Saturday with a 5th and 3rd, but when it came time for the final her sled would not cooperate and stalled first lap.  Dad had a busy evening but managed to have the sled tip top shape for Sunday.  Dakota made up for Saturday’s results with a 2nd and 3rd in the heats and a competitive final securing a 2nd place finish.

Brooklyn is really becoming comfortable on her freestyle in the Novice Girls and Novice A class and is starting to test the limits.  Her favorite remains the Novice 250 class where she has really got a taste for challenging the boys.  She secured 3rd place overall both Saturday and Sunday in the class.

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The weekend of March 7th and 8th had the team loading up and getting comfy for the long trek to Timmins, Ontario to compete in the Eclipse Financial Snowcross Pro Challenge.  With the sun shining and warmer temperatures the KSR team really delivered.

With Zoe’s recent 1st in Sudbury she has really gotten a taste for success.  On Saturday she secured a 1st in moto 1 and a 5th in moto 2 with and overall result of 3rd place.  Her success didn’t end there.  Sunday she eagerly arrived at the start line for moto 1 and even after being stuck on the line at the start she was able to move her way up the pack and achieve a 4th place finish.  The second moto brought with it another rocky start with a tip over heading into corner one.  Not to be deterred, Zoe jumped back on and gave her all and was able to finish in 2nd place.  Much to Zoe’s delight, she received a large trophy for a 2nd overall in stock 1

.photo 1 (6)

Dakota met some challenges on the line on Saturday.   Poor starts had her working overtime to make her way up a competitive pack for 5th and 4th place finishes in the heats and a 6th in the final.  After some tweaking and a change of gearing Saturday night, she was ready to rock on Sunday – and rock it she did.  Heat 1 she finished 3rd, heat 2 she brought in a 2nd and in the final she finished an impressive 2nd.  Sunday also marked the completion of two full weekends of staying on the sled with no bail offs (which mom celebrated and was super relieved about).

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Brooklyn was not to be outdone by her sisters in Timmins.  She had a real competitive edge this weekend on her 250 which made it a difficult hit for her to blow her rear suspension while in second place on Saturday.  She was however, still able to pull off a 4th overall.  Sunday she was back in the game and achieved her highest finish this season with a 1st in heat two and an overall 2nd in the Novice 250.

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The KSR team now has three weeks to rejuvenate and prepare for the next race in Kitchener, Ontario where the girls hope to keep up their recent success on the track.

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